IGNOU MECP-001 Project Synopsis

IGNOU MECP-001 Project Synopsis



  1. MEC-001 Micro Economic Analysis 6
  2. MEC-002 Macro Economic Analysis 6
  3. MEC-003 Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis 6
  4. MEC-004 Economics of Growth and Development 6
  5. MEC-005 Indian Economic Policy 6


  1. MEC-006 Public Economics 6
  2. MEC-007 International Trade and Finance 6
  3. MEC-008 Economics of Social Sector and Environment 6
  4. MEC -009 Research Methods in Economics 6
  5. MECP-001 Project Work – MECP-001 6
  6. MECE-001 Econometric Methods 6
  7. MECE-003 Actuarial Economics: Theory and Practice 6
  8. MECE-004 Financial Institutions and Markets 6
  9. MECE-002 Computer Applications in Economic Analysis 6

In order to successfully complete the MA Economics Course from IGNOU, the learner must complete the requirements of Project Work pertaining to course MECP-001.The students must submit the MECP-001 project in the form of Project-Report.  For more details and Project requirement, please send us an email at :heylisten4u@gmail.com

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