IGNOU MSW Solved Assignments 2020-21

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IGNOU MA Social Work Solved Assignment 2020-21

As per Ignou University Guidelines, students need to submit IGNOU MSW Solved Assignment 2020-21 in handwritten form and will be submitted by students at their assigned regional centre. The programme code of MA Social Work is ‘MSW’. Ignou MA Social Work Solved Assignment 2020-21 will be valid for those students who have taken admission in MA Social Work (MSW) programme in January 2021 and July 2020 cycle.

Every students has to submit assignment to appear for term end theory exams. Without submitting assignment, will not be allowed to appear in upcoming examination.

How to get IGNOU MA Social Work Solved Assignment 2020-21

The MA Social Work Solved Assignment which we provide are just for reference material. So, we suggest should try to solve the assignments by their own to secure good grade / marks. They should read study material which is provided by Ignou University.

However, If you still need Ignou MA Social Work (MSW) Solved Assignment 2020-21 at cheap rate in the form of PDF or DOCX file, Ignou MA Social Work Notes, Please send us an email at : [email protected] or WHATSAPP (9953207989) they can visit the below link for Ignou MA Social Work Assignment PDF :

IGNOU MA Sociology Solved Assignment 2020-21


IGNOU MSW 1st year Solved Assignment 2020-21

  • MSW-001 : Origin and Development of Social Work
  • MSW-002 : Professional Social Work: Indian Perspectives
  • MSW-003 : Basic Social Science Concepts
  • MSW-004 : Social Work and Social Development
  • MSW-005 : Social Work Practicum and Supervision
  • MSW-006 : Social Work Research
  • MSW-032 : Social Work and Criminal Justice
  • MSWE-010 : Social Work in African Control

IGNOU MSW 2nd year Solved Assignment 2020-21

  • MSW-007 : Case Work and Counselling: Working with Individuals
  • MSW-008 : Social Group Work: Working with Groups
  • MSW-009 : Community Organization Management for Community Development
  • MSW-017 : Contemporary Methods and Values of Social Work
  • MSW-010 : Introduction to Philanthropic Social Work
  • MSWE-001 : HIV/AIDS: Stigma, Discrimination and Prevention
  • MSWE-002 : Women and Child Development
  • MSWE-003 : Disaster Management
  • MSWE-007 : International Social Work

IGNOU MA Social Work Assignment Question 2020-21

Ignou ma social work assignments carry 30% weightage while theory paper consists 70% weightage. Students will be required to obtain passing marks in ma social work term end theory and tutor marked assignments separately.

Each MA Social Work assignment question will carry 100 marks. Be remember that students will also get MA Social Work assignment question by distance university at registered address by speed post. Otherwise, they can also download it from the university online portal i.e www.ignou.ac.in.

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