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IGNOU MCSP-060 Project Synopsis / Report

The Indira Gandhi National Open University offered one of most popular master degree course, name is MCA. The full of MCA is Master in Computer Applications. To get MCA degree, students need to submit MCSP-060 project work synopsis following the full project submission guidelines. If students have good interest about the computer and language programming, then this course is very much useful.

The distance university has published project guidelines for final semester of BCA and MCA students. It is mandatory for all MCA students to submit the project under the given criteria and certain period. For this, they have to choose a language or two and make a software (or mini software) to for the course code given. 

Learners can download MCSP-060 PROJECT GUIDELINES by visiting the university official website.

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IGNOU MCSP-060 Project Guidelines

The IGNOU MCSP-060 PROJECT GUIDELINES consists contents of :

1) Calendar for the MCA Project,
2) Proforma for the Approval of MCA Project Proposal
3) Introduction and Objectives
4) Type of the Project and Eligibility Criteria of the Project Guide
5) Points to Remember while preparing the Project Proposal
6) Points to Remember while preparing the Project Report
7) Assessment Guidelines for Project Evaluation
8) Software and Broad Areas of Application
9) Remuneration Bill for the MCA Project Guide
10) Project Trainee Letter
11) Certificate of Originality
12) Sample Cover Page etc.

The primary emphasis of the project work is to understand and gain the knowledge of the principles of software engineering practices, so as to participate and manage a large software engineering projects in future. Approval of the project proposal is mandatory to continue and submit the project work. Prepare your project proposal strictly as per guidelines. Disapproval of project proposal leads to loss of your valuable time. To avoid this loss take your proposal preparation very seriously and consult for every point on which you have doubt, with your project guide/supervisor.

Students are encouraged to invest at least six months working on a project preferably in a computer software business or any analysis organization. Subjects selected must be complex and big sufficient to justify as a MCA project. The courses studied by the students during the MCA programme give them the complete background to perform on diverse application domains. Student will obtain Project Recommendations together with their 5th semester course material. Students should strictly stick to and adhere for the MCSP-060 project guidelines.

Students need to prepared Two copies of report. One particular copy of project report have to be submitted to Student Evaluation Division while the other copy may be retained by the learner. Ensure that please include the following while submitting the Project Proposal :

1. Proforma for Approval of Project Proposal duly filled and signed by both the student and the Project Guide with date.
2. Bio-data of the project guide with her/his signature and date. Please also attach the certified copy of proof of identity of guide.
3. Synopsis of the project proposal (14-18 pages).
4. A self- addressed envelope with duly affixed postage stamps (to send it by ordinary post only) on it.

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